Can I Wear Contact Lenses?

Many people think they can't wear contact lenses because they have bifocal glasses, astigmatism, dry eyes, or they are too young. In fact, most of these patients can wear contacts, at least part-time. Contact Eye to Eye Optometry Clinic in Edmonton to learn more about the following options or to book an appointment for a contact lens fitting.

Contact Lens Options for…

Bifocal wearers Astigmatism Dry Eyes Kids


Bifocal and multifocal contact lenses are available for those patients who wear bifocal or progressive glasses. The two main challenges fitting these contacts are 1) balancing the distance and near vision so that neither is overly compromised, and 2) finding lenses that are comfortable for this demographic, since our eyes get dryer as we age. Our optometrists have found Oasys® Presbyopia and Biofinity® Multifocal to work well for most of our patients interested in bifocal contact lenses. Daily disposable Acuvue® Moist® Multifocal contact lenses are a great option for patients interested in infrequent use or who are looking for the convenience of not cleaning their contacts or the comfort of a fresh pair every day. We would be happy to book a trial for you – just call!


Contact lenses which correct astigmatism are called toric contact lenses. Many people think that if they have astigmatism they are not able to wear contacts. However, toric lenses are readily available for astigmatism up to approximately 2.75 dioptres of astigmatism, and custom options are available for powers greater than this.

Dry Eyes:

Dryness is a significant issue for many contact lens wearers. For these patients, brand selection makes a substantial difference. When dealing with contact lenses and dryness, our optometrists will first treat the dryness. Once the dryness is controlled, a contact lens fit using lenses and solutions specifically designed for comfort can be successful. Many patients with mild to moderate dryness can be fit into contacts at least for part-time wear and special occasions.

Children & Contact Lenses

We are frequently asked at what age kids can start to wear contact lenses. The age to start contact lenses is not “set in stone.” However, it’s critical that the child is old enough to be a responsible contact lens wearer. Proper hand-washing, lens storage, adherence to disposal schedules, compliance with wearing time recommendations, and ability/willingness to follow the instructions we give to the patient are important to maintain safe contact lens wear and healthy eyes.

Usually, around 13 years of age, most kids start to become responsible enough to consider contact lens wear. However, this decision is best made based upon open discussion between the parent(s) of the child and the child’s optometrist, usually also with some input from the child. Often with this age group, we will use daily disposable contact lenses to ensure the patient starts with a fresh, clean pair of contact lenses each day.

For answers to more questions about kids and contacts, check out this website from the Alberta Doctors of Optometry: or contact our office.

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