Lenses of all Kinds at Eye to Eye Optometry Clinic in Edmonton

We Stay Current with Lens Advances

Eye to Eye Optometry Clinic of Edmonton is proud to carry top-of-the-line, name-brand lenses from companies driving the industry forward with innovative lens technologies. Contrary to the message being promoted by various media and Internet sources in the past few years, the fact is not all lenses are “created equal.” The research and design that goes into quality lenses and coatings allows advantages, such as improved scratch-resistance, better peripheral vision, wider reading areas, less swimming sensation, increased contrast, and less fatigue.

We’ll Help You Find the Right Lenses

We have repeatedly seen positive results switching patients to these premium products. We do recognize, however, that not everyone needs the best of the best every time, particularly if they have basic prescriptions or milder visual demands. We are happy to consider with each patient their needs, budget, and any previous issues they have had, and help them select lenses best suited to them.

Due to the superior optics provided by these companies, particularly in their latest digital designs, we use mostly lenses from the following companies:

Essilor Nikon Zeiss
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