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Routine Eye Examination in the Edmonton Area

From infancy to the golden years, routine eye examination is the key to optimum vision and healthy eyes. Routine assessment ensures early detection and treatment of eye health issues. Our friendly, attentive optometrist, will also help you identify any family or individual risk factors for eye disease, and discuss with you how to best manage or lower these risk factors.


Children should have their first routine check between six and nine months, then again at the age of three years, and every year thereafter. During these exams, our optometrist will determine if anything is hindering your child's eyes from developing properly. And, YES! We can assess kids if they don't yet know their numbers or letters. And, YES! We can happily examine kids who are nervous or shy and don't feel like saying anything. By the end of the exam, we have seen, most of them are their comfortable, chatty selves, often asking when they can come back.

Kids Eye exam


Between the ages of 19 and 64, routine eye examinations should be done every one to two years. Through routine assessments, we can provide solutions for common symptoms such as digital eyestrain, tired eyes, dryness, and focusing issues. In addition, many eye health issues can onset during adult life, and may not be detected by the patient until it is difficult to treat. If identified and managed early, the complications and vision loss from various health issues can often be avoided.

Adult sunglass


People who are more than 65 years of age are recommended to have routine eye examinations at least annually. A thorough routine assessment is critical in detecting systemic and ocular health issues that can often be treated before vision loss occurs. We are happy to take the time to hear your concerns and provide counseling to help you maintain vision and keep your eyes healthy through your golden years.


Children and Contact Lenses

When can a child start wearing contact lenses?

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