Eye to Eye Optometry Clinic Offers Advice for Kids’ Eye Exams

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Kids typically LOVE their eye exams at Eye To Eye Optometry Clinic in Edmonton. Dr. Kile and Dr. Eastwood both have children of their own and use pictures, puppets, and tests specifically designed to engage young children. By the time they are due back, many kids are asking Mom and Dad, “When can I go for my next eye exam?”

When Should Kids’ Eye Exams Start?

Routine eye exams for children should start at age six months, and then again at three years of age, and every year after that. At these exams, we are looking for anything that would hinder a child's eyes from developing properly. It is not unusual for a child to be unaware they don't see as well as they should – for them it is just “normal.” Also, a child’s vision may be clear, but if their eyes are not aligned properly or are taking extra effort to focus or if the information does not transfer normally to the brain, it could cause multiple issues with eye comfort and/or learning – particularly for reading. Many childhood eye conditions can be treated very successfully if detected at an early age.

What If My Child Doesn’t Know His/Her Letters?

Kids do NOT need to know their letters/numbers. In fact, they don't even need to be able (or willing!) to talk. Our optometrists can gather all the information they need without your child saying anything. Although usually by the end of the exam, most kids have become their normal, chatty selves.

Eye exams are covered by Alberta Health Care, up to and including 18 years of age. For more information about children’s eyecare, contact our office or check out http://www.optometrists.ab.ca/children-youth.

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